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Tactful Release Notes 8

This release includes:

  • Webchat widget enhancements
  • Implementing webchat login scenarios
  • Customizing item/category per channel
  • Accepting hotline format in the Item’s Phone number
  • Fixed Quick Replies (FQR)
  • Pagination capability
  • Multilingual conversation handling
  • Default intents adaptation to French

Webchat widget enhancements

  • Phone number is validated by detecting the user’s default location and enabling country search ability.
  • Danish language is now supported in webchat.
  • Agents can view the captured data from the signed-in user in the unified inbox.

Implementing webchat login scenarios

  • Ensuring the widget logs out when the user logs out from the website.
  • Handling the second login process by switching to the other user’s data.
  • Initiating the opening of the capture lead form if the user is not signed in.

Customizing item/category per channel

Users are able to assign items and categories to specific channel(s), so they are displayed as results of browsing and searching in the assigned channel(s) only.

Accepting hotline format in the Item’s Phone number

Users can select between standard phone number and hotline fields in the item details to accept hotline formats. No extra validations on the hotline field other than accepting numeric values only.

Fixed Quick Replies (FQR)

Now, chatbot designers can create fixed menu items that will be displayed consistently during conversations. It could be considered as outlets or shortcuts to specific business flow starting points.

Pagination capability

We added the pagination capability to the existing Browsing / Search Flows, you can now navigate between the results pages and choose whatever item and the bot will respond accordingly.

Multilingual conversation handling

Users may select an old carousel card with a different language from the ongoing conversation language. The system has been updated to handle such cases, ensuring a seamless experience even when users interact with content in a different language from their current conversation.

Creating transactions from the unified inbox

Agents are now able to create transactions from within the unified inbox.

Default intents adaptation to French

Bot can recognize default intents in the French language. However, it is yet to be validated by a language expert or a client.

Tactful Release Notes 7

This release includes:

  • New Business Info page
  • Webchat login improvements
  • Phone number validation
  • Facebook connect and disconnect experience enhancements
  • Introducing Facebook Comments channel
  • General enhancements and fixes
  • AI examples suggestion
  • New multi-lingual Intent page
  • Enabling AI preset topics
  • General AI enhancements

New Business Info Page

  • Captures the business information to be configured and used by the business and the product settings.
  • Edits the already added info during the wizard.
  • You can find your workspace ID in this page, to simplify referral to the workspace.
  • It is now available to configure your business operation times.

Webchat Login

When the user clicks on the widget, Tactful now captures the following user information: (Name, Email, Phone number, Organization, Department, Country and City). This captured data is now stored to be accessible for future interactions.

A log-out event is emitted when the user logs out.

During the second login, the system recognizes and captures the user’s data automatically.

For anonymous users, if the capture lead form is enabled, it will appear for data collection.

Webchat Phone Number Validation

In this update, phone number validation is added for user input during lead capture. The validation is based on the country code provided, ensuring that phone numbers are correctly formatted according to the specified country. This enhancement helps improve data accuracy and usability in lead capture.

Facebook Connect and Disconnect Experience

Agents using Tactful can now disconnect Facebook channels seamlessly for better channel management. A user-friendly “Disconnect Channel” button is prominently located in the channel connectivity page within the admin interface. Upon selecting the button, a confirmation prompt ensures action verification, with the option to cancel the disconnection if needed. Successful disconnection immediately updates the channel status to “Disconnected” or a similar indicator, improving the efficiency of channel management for agents.

Separate Facebook Comments Channel

Admins can now connect Facebook comments channels separately, streamlining the setup process, separating comments settings from Messenger channels, and ensuring comments are managed distinctly within the Unified Inbox for improved organization.

General Enhancements and Fixes

  • Nickname and Facebook Name Utilization: To reduce confusion and streamline user experience, we have removed the “nickname” and “Facebook name” fields. Now, you will only need to use the “name” field when interacting with customers.
  • Setting Limits to Web Chat: We have improved the consistency of the web chat interface by fixing the card height and width. This enhancement ensures that characters shown in the title, subtitle, and buttons are displayed correctly, providing a more polished and user-friendly experience.
  • Fixing Timestamp Anomaly: We have resolved an issue in Webchat where the timestamp hover behavior was not functioning normally.

AI Examples Suggestion

You can use the new Example Suggestion section on the examples page, and utilize Open AI to feed you with multiple variations and samples to choose from, saving a lot of time and effort!

New Multi-lingual Intent Page

Now to create or edit an intent you can do so from a dedicated page instead of it being a pop-up. You can access the intents page directly from the side navigation menu under Bot Manager.

Both intents and examples pages are now multilingual.

Enabling AI Preset Topics

Now it is available for you to enable preset topics, access archive as well as import and export.

General AI Enhancements

  • Removed the 50-intent limitation, you can now add as many intents as your business needs.
  • Major interface enhancements for a smoother user experience and better visibility:
    • Languages are now grouped under each intent.
    • A visible model training status at all times.
    • Revamped the create/edit intent experience.
    • Revamped the create/edit examples experience.

Tactful Release Notes 6.2

Customer Communication PI-06 Updates aim to facilitate both agents’ & supervisors’ productivity & experience. The release includes:

  • Automating Answering End-Customer’s FAQ
  • Automating Finding Products and Items
  • Automating Tickets Collection from End-Customers
  • Handover to a Human Agent
  • Greeting Skill
  • Training and Configuring the Conversational AI Model
  • General Fallback
  • Support Multi Email Experience for Agents within Unified Inbox
  • Focus Filters for Agents
  • General Improvements For Agent Experience
  • Realtime Queue Reporting for Supervisors
  • Queue Advanced Configurations for Supervisors
  • Channels Improvements

Automating Answering End-Customer’s FAQ

Businesses have lists of FAQs that they encounter the most during their interactions with their end-customers, the business can utilize Tactful to configure answers for these FAQs and link them to an AI model that they can train to recognize their end-customer’s intents, when the AI detects an FAQ-linked intent, the bot responds by the appropriate text answer.

In 3 languages: –

  • English
  • Arabic
  • Dutch

Supporting 3 channels: –

  • Webchat
  • Meta Messenger
  • WhatsApp

Automating Finding Products and Items

The business can automate the process of helping their end-customers finding the best products that fulfill their needs either through interacting with the bot in natural language or through a menu that guides the end-customers through the available different categories and items in the product catalog until finding the best available products.

In 3 languages: –

  • English
  • Arabic
  • Dutch

Supporting 3 channels: –

  • Webchat
  • Meta Messenger
  • WhatsApp

Automating Tickets Collection from End-Customers

The business can utilize our simple automated ticket collection solution to streamline collecting complaints and requests from their customers who are interacting with the bot either through detecting the intent from their natural text input or through selecting a “Ticketing“ option from the menu.

In 3 languages: –

  • English
  • Arabic
  • Dutch

Supporting 3 channels: –

  • Webchat
  • Meta Messenger
  • WhatsApp

Handover to a Human Agent

The business can utilize the handover skill in designing the chatbot flows to enable connecting their end-customers with human agents to fulfill their more complex inquiries and problems.

Greeting Skill

The business can utilize the greeting skill to salute their end-customers through the bot at the beginning of the conversation with a high level of customization to personalize the conversation more accordingly.

Training and Configuring the Conversational AI Model

The business can utilize the conversational AI model to understand the intents of the end-customer automatically through proper training and configuration of different types of model intents.

This can be used alongside the automation capabilities to automate entire flows and scenarios of their conversations with end-customers.UC-SS-006 Training and Configuring the Conversational AI Model

General Fallback

The business can utilize the general fallback skill in designing the chatbot flows to enable the customer to enter more valid inputs so that they could be served properly through the bot.

Support Multi Email Experience for Agents within Unified Inbox

  • Support multiple email channels for agents to use.
  • When email channel is not connected, clearly communicate that with agents via a pop up to eliminate confusion. That says “No email channel is connected, please contact your admin” which should help adopting the product.
  • When composing an email, sender & contact email addresses are not editable to eliminate mistakes.

Focus Filters for Agents

For busy work environments, agents can focus on incoming conversations from specific channel type like Facebook Messenger, Website Live Chat, etc. by filtering conversations according to the connected channel types in Unified Inbox.

It works when your team got massive number of conversations & decide to allow agents to prioritize focus according to different channels by turning ON free-for-all mode within the Queue Management dashboard.

General Improvements For Agent Experience

  • Reduced visibility of blank fields of customer info in Unified Inbox.
  • Improved tickets creation, filtering, browsing & viewing experience within Customer 360 side bar.
  • Support ticket search by Ticket ID

Realtime Queue Reporting for Supervisors

  • Overview on workspace performance which includes:
    New Conversations, New Tickets, Avg. Handle Time & Avg. Wait Time.
  • Realtime Reports
    • Realtime queue report that shows:
      • Number of online & all agents on a given queue.
      • Number of active & pending conversations on a given queue.
      • Longest waiting & longest handing durations of conversations on a given queue.
    • Realtime agents report that shows:
      • List of assigned queue(s) to an agent.
      • Current status of each agent & its duration.
      • Number of active & pending conversations, including longest handling time with each agent.
  • Historical / Short Term Report
    • Historical queue report that shows analytics within time span from last 5 min to last 24 hours:
      • No. of assigned agents to each queue.
      • No. of Offered, Handled, Missed, Transferred conversations on each queue.
      • Avg. Wait Time & Avg. Handle Time of conversations on each queue.
    • Historical agents report that shows analytics within time span from last 5 min to last 24 hours:
      • No. of Offered, Handled, Missed, Transferred conversations by each agent.
      • First Response Time & Avg. Handle Time by each agent.

Queue Advanced Configurations for Supervisors

  • Agent Capacity
    Supervisors now have the ability to set maximum number of conversations to offer to each agent to handle simoustanly.
    When agents reaches out their max capacity, any new conversations added to the system, then it will wait in the queue till any agent within the same queue is free with less conversations than the capped number on that configuration.
  • Agent to agent transfer timeout
    Supervisors are able to reduce first response time by configuring the “Agent to agent transfer timeout”.
    When conversation is an offered to an agent but they don’t join, that conversation will rotate to a different agent to pick it up which reduce average waiting time for customer to receive assistance.

General Fixes

  • Removed confusion that happens when editing a phone number of a WhatsApp contact, by blocking editing WhatsApp number.
  • Fixed attachments related bugs.
  • Fixed exiting warning message within Unified Inbox.
  • Fixed Default WebChat duplication within the Queue Management Dashboard.

Channels Improvements

  • Displaying Agent Name in Webchat header when an agent joins a conversation.
  • Improve WebChat logo acceptance criteria.
  • Improving channels preview experience for admins.

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