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Holistic view of all incoming messages, handling conversations from different channels.
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Tactful Unified Inbox allows agents to handle customers’ requests easily via their connected channels through one interface, with the ability to browse and/or add customer info and tickets.

Unified Inbox Capabilities

Agent Status Management

Using Tactful Unified Inbox, agents are able to change their status to manage their availability and break times.

Filtering Conversations

Using Unified Inbox, you can filter conversations to easily find a conversation or track other conversations.

Transferring Conversations

Unified Inbox by Tactful enables you to transfer conversations, so agents can connect customers to other agents.


Unified Inbox, also allows Supervisors to whisper to agents, providing silent support agents to best handle the user. An invaluable training and support feature for supervisors and agents alike.

Adding Notes to Your Team

The Unified Inbox gives you the ability to add notes to your team members, which is a helpful feature for recording recurring issues with multiple customers, and forward them to their associated person/team.

Viewing/Updating User Info

Tactful Unified Inbox allows agent to view and update user information all within the same screen.

Searching/Adding User Tickets

Unified Inbox also gives you the ability to search/add tickets to live conversations.

Sending and Receiving Attachments

Unified Inbox allows you to communicate with your customers not only by texting but also through sending & receiving attachments as an integrated feature.

Replying via FAQs

Lastly, Unified Inbox also has the ability to offer answers to FAQs (frequently asked questions) in order to help agents even more by just clicking quick replies.

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